Something new happened to me on Sunday. My back gave out. It started on Saturday when I picked up my dog and I felt a little tweak.

I woke up Sunday morning thinking I was better. It was hard for me to lean over and tie my shoes, but I persisted. I think that’s where I went wrong.

My lower back became increasingly painful as I sat through church. I didn’t even stand up to sing during worship time because it was too painful.

When I was walking to the house after church, I had to yell for my husband to help me walk. We got me into the house, and I dropped to the floor.

That was a big mistake! I couldn’t get up. Every time I flexed my abs, I got Level 10 pain. I quickly made a virtual appointment with the immediate care center. Within an hour I had steroids and muscle relaxers in my hands.

The Good News

I was very impressed by the expediency of my health care system. Because of their quick response, I’m feeling much better. Thank goodness for modern medicine!

I’m also glad it seems to be a sprained muscle and nothing to do with my spine.

The Bad News

With the pain and the muscle relaxer, I haven’t been able to write for a few days. I don’t think I’ll need the muscle relaxer tomorrow, so I should be able to resume work on HFTH.

Project HFTH Update

Last week was a great writing week. I decided to take a vacation day from my day job to dedicate myself writing. Because of that, I logged over 13K-words for the week.

I don’t think the extra time in my chair led to my back issues, for the record. My pug is almost thirty pounds and I lifted at the waist instead of using my legs, something I will no longer be doing!

If I log 10K words a week, I should finish HFTH three weeks. More realistically, I think I will be done by the end of May.

My cover designer is working on the cover. (Yay!) I’m not sure when the reveal will be, just know it’s in the works.

I’m tentatively planning to release HFTH in October. I need to see how my other projects pan out before I set a firm date.

I Need to Focus More on My Health

On top of writing (and all my other daily duties), this back issue has hammered home that I’m not taking care of myself. At all. I have fifty pounds to lose and it’s time to get serious.

I’ll be heading back to the gym when it feels safe. And obviously, my diet needs a huge overhaul!

Have a Good Week!

I hope you didn’t find yourself stuck on the floor like me this week. That was scary!

Next week, I’ll fill you in on my April reads.

Until then, have a very good week and I’ll talk to you soon!