Spending Christmas in a stranger’s tiny home isn’t what Scarlett wants, but it might be just what she needs.


I travel alone. I eat alone. I sleep alone. I celebrate Christmas alone.

Being snowed in at a campground is my idea of heaven. I have an electric heater, lots of blankets, and plenty of food to keep me warm. A little subzero windchill won’t stop me from enjoying my holiday.

Unless the power goes out.


People are like ants, moving soil, carving out roads, building endlessly, upsetting the balance. I don’t like ants.

Any chance I get to be alone, I take it. Being snowed in at Jolly Days Campground on Christmas? No problem.

Except there is a problem. She’s in that Ford Transit van over there and if the power goes out, she’ll freeze to death.

So, of course, the power goes out.

And my tiny home just got way too crowded.

Tiny Home for Christmas is a forced-proximity closed-door romance about two cold hearts that slowly warm up to love.

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