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Lake Cozy Beach

Lake Cozy Beach is a public beach on the shores of Lake Cozy. It stretches along the eastern side of Lakeshore Boulevard, offering beautiful views of the 1,900-acre lake, which are backdropped by the quaint row of historic buildings along Lakeshore.

The gorgeous sandy beach officially opens for swimming on Memorial Day weekend, with two lifeguards on duty from sunup to sundown until Labor Day. Early birds often bring their rafts and float on the water while enjoying the sunrise over the hills of Legend National Forest.

In early-June, water temperatures hover around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a little chilly for some, but with June daytime temps in the eighties, kids and adventurous adults don’t tend to mind.

By August the water reaches a balmy 78 degrees. Once people dive in, they don't want to leave! Many visits to the beach are recommended for optimal mental health.

*UPDATE!* Based on a City Council vote, Lake Cozy Beach will stay open through October 15th. Lifeguards will not be on duty after Labor Day, so take extra precautions while in the water.

The changing rooms will also remain open, but The Nosh Break will be closed after September 4th. No worries, Lakeshore Boulevard offers several eateries that are only a short walk away, including The Fresh Beat, Once Upon a Plate, and The Epic Scoop.

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